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Dolls Division Mod Apk:

Dolls Division Mod Apk throws players into a unique blend of city-building, hero collecting, and strategic combat, all wrapped in a captivating storyline filled with beautiful characters.


Dolls Division APK blends city-building, hero collecting, and strategic combat into a unique mobile experience. Let’s delve into its features to understand what makes it tick:

Dolls Division Mod Apk


  • From Ruins to Metropolis: Rise from the ashes and rebuild your city, strategically placing structures for optimal resource generation and defense.
  • Resource Management: Manage vital resources like Crystals, Alloy, and Credits to fuel your city’s growth and Doll training.
  • Upgradable Buildings: Enhance your Headquarters, Barracks, Factories, and more to unlock new functionalities and boost production.
  • Tech Tree: Research advanced technologies to improve your city’s defenses, Doll capabilities, and resource production.

Hero Collection (Dolls):

  • Diverse Roster: Recruit over 60 unique Dolls, each with distinct personalities, combat roles (Tanks, Marksmen, Healers, etc.), and skillsets.
  • Rarity System: Collect Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Dolls, each with increasing rarity and power.
  • Character Development: Train your Dolls to level up, enhance their skills, and equip them with powerful gear.
  • Bonding System: Deepen your connection with your Dolls through the “Seduction” system, unlocking special abilities and story moments.

Strategic Battles:

  • Turn-Based Combat: Engage in tactical turn-based battles against robotic enemies on unique maps with strategic elements.
  • Doll Formations: Strategically deploy your Dolls on the battlefield, considering their roles, abilities, and enemy formations.
  • Skill Activation: Unleash powerful skills and ultimates at the right moment to turn the tide of battle.
  • Combo System: Chain together attacks from different Dolls to trigger devastating combo effects.

Seduction System:

  • Unique Mechanic: Build emotional bonds with your Dolls through the “Seduction” system, gifting them items and engaging in dialogue.
  • Personality Traits: Each Doll has unique personality traits that influence their responses and the effectiveness of your interactions.
  • Bond Levels: As your bond deepens, unlock new skills, story content, and powerful passive bonuses for your Dolls.
  • Choice and Consequence: Your choices in the “Seduction” system can impact your relationships and the overall narrative.
Additional Features:
  • Daily Quests and Challenges: Earn rewards and resources by completing daily tasks and participating in challenging events.
  • Story Campaign: Unravel the secrets of the robotic invasion and fight your way to victory through an immersive story campaign.
  • PvP Arena: Test your skills against other players in the competitive PvP Arena, climbing the ranks and earning exclusive rewards.
  • Guild System: Team up with other players in a Guild to conquer challenges, share strategies, and compete in Guild Wars.

Dolls Division character

Characters of Doll Division

  • Commander: You play as the Commander, the leader of a city-state under siege by robotic forces. After a narrow escape, you team up with a mysterious woman to fight back and save humanity.

  • Alice: A powerful and stoic Executor-class Doll who serves as your second-in-command. She is skilled in combat and fiercely loyal to the Commander.

  • Lilia: A gentle and kind Healer-class Doll who provides medical support to your forces. She has a calming presence and is loving among the other Dolls.

  • Iris: A mischievous and playful Marksman-class Doll who is skilled in ranged combat. She enjoys teasing the other Dolls and has a bit of a rebellious streak.

  • Queen: A mysterious and enigmatic Strategist-class Doll who possesses powerful psychic abilities. Her motives are unclear, but she seems to be working towards her own goals.

Advantage Of Dolls Division Mod Apk

Dolls Division APK stands out in the mobile gaming scene with its unique blend of city-building, hero collecting, and strategic combat. But what truly sets it apart? Let’s explore its key advantages:

1. Captivating Narrative and World-Building:

  • Immerse yourself in a rich story filled with mystery, intrigue, and beautiful characters.
  • Unravel the secrets of the robotic invasion and fight for humanity’s survival.
  • Each chapter unfolds with new challenges, keeping you invested in the game’s world.

2. Diverse Doll Roster and Deep Character Development:

  • Collect over 60 Dolls, each with unique personalities, combat roles, and skillsets.
  • The “Seduction” system allows you to build deep bonds with your Dolls, unlocking their true potential and hidden stories.
  • Witness character growth and evolving relationships as you progress through the game.

3. Strategic Depth and Satisfying Combat:

  • Master turn-based combat mechanics, deploying Dolls strategically to overcome challenging enemy formations.
  • Experiment with different team compositions and skill combinations to discover powerful synergies.
  • The combo system adds another layer of tactical depth, rewarding skillful play.

4. City-Building with Meaningful Impact:

  • Rebuild your city from the ashes, making strategic choices that influence your resource generation and defenses.
  • Witness your city flourish as you progress, reflecting your accomplishments and leadership.
  • Upgradable buildings and a tech tree provide long-term goals and strategic decision-making.

5. Engaging Blend of Genres:

  • Dolls Division APK caters to various player preferences by combining city-building, hero collecting, and strategic combat.
  • This unique mix offers a fresh and engaging experience that stands out from the crowd.
  • Whether you enjoy base building, tactical battles, or character collection, there’s something for everyone.

Dolls Division

Dolls Division Mod Apk: Navigating the Levels

Dolls Division APK features several layers of progression, each adding depth and engagement to the gameplay.

1. Player Level:

  • Represents your overall progress in the game.
  • Increases through completing quests, battles, and city development.
  • Unlocks new features, story chapters, and higher-level content.

2. Doll Level:

  • Each Doll has its own individual level, independent of your player level.
  • Increases through battles, training, and consuming specific items.
  • Higher levels grant Dolls increased stats, abilities, and skill points.

3. Bond Level:

  • Represents the emotional connection between you and each Doll.
  • Increases through the “Seduction” system, gifting, and special interactions.
  • Higher bond levels unlock new skills, story content, and passive bonuses for the Doll.

4. City Level:

  • Reflects the development and prosperity of your city.
  • Increases by constructing and upgrading buildings.
  • Higher city levels unlock new buildings, technologies, and resource production boosts.

5. Technology Levels:

  • Individual technologies within your tech tree have their own levels.
  • Upgrading them provides permanent stat boosts and unlocks new functionalities.
  • Researching higher-tier technologies requires specific resources and lower-level tech prerequisites.

6. Equipment Levels:

  • Equipment for your Dolls has its own rarity and level system.
  • Higher-level equipment offers better stats and potential for further enhancement.
  • Upgrading equipment consumes specific resources and requires the base equipment to be at a certain level.

7. PvP Arena Rank:

  • Represents your performance in the competitive PvP Arena mode.
  • Increases through winning battles against other players.
  • Higher ranks grant access to exclusive rewards and leaderboards.

8. Guild Level:

  • Represents the overall progress and strength of your guild.
  • Increases through guild activities and member contributions.
  • Higher guild levels unlock new features, challenges, and rewards for the entire guild.

doll division

Dolls Division Mod Apk: System Requirements

To ensure your readers have a smooth Dolls Division APK experience, it’s crucial to outline the system requirements.

Operating System:

  • Minimum: Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • Recommended: Android 8.0 (Oreo) or later


  • Minimum: Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • Recommended: Octa-core 1.8 GHz processor or better


  • Minimum: 2GB RAM
  • Recommended: 3GB RAM or more


  • Minimum: 2GB free storage space
  • Recommended: 4GB or more free storage space for future updates and content

Dolls Division offers a compelling blend of familiar genres with its unique “Seduction” system and focus on character relationships. While the freemium model might raise concerns for some, the core gameplay loop and engaging story can provide an enjoyable experience for mobile strategy fans.

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