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About Chess

Chess is a game you can play on your Android phone. Download the chess apk mod free downlaod to play for as long as you want, compete with friends, or practice your moves against the computer. There are 12 different levels of difficulty in the chess game. include achievements, leaderboards, casual and professional play modes, and even cloud saving.

 chess apk mod free downlaod

Both tablets and phones may play this chess game. enabling Landscape mode on all tablets and many phones. You also maintain accurate chess gameplay statistics, including game timing, hints, and handicaps. Switch to a 3D game if you’re tired with the traditional 2D gaming to vary the appearance of the board and maintain the fun game interesting.

Click the download button above to get the Chess Free software for free right away. When the APK file has finished downloading, install it. Third-party advertisements that you might have to ignore because they might stop you from playing the game promote this free version. Chess is a game of concentration. Or you could always spend a little money and get the full version.

 chess apk mod free downlaod

This game will be your ideal learning partner if you are new to Chess Free and are learning the game. Because it provides excellent advice on how to make the movements that will allow you to get more kills on the board. You can review your actions as well. Additionally, it analyzes your gaming moves more thoroughly. But you can only use these features once you have a firm grasp of the game.

The chess apk mod free downlaod  Tutor provides a suggested piece move, which is great for refining your chess strategy and avoiding obvious errors.

 chess apk mod free downlaod

Features of Chess

  • A square board with 64 alternating light and dark squares.
  • Six different types of pieces – pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, and king.
  • Each piece has its own unique movement rules.
  • The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king, putting it in a position where it cannot escape capture.
  • En passant, castling, and promotion are special moves that can be made under specific conditions.
  • Players take turns moving their pieces.
  • Chess can be played with a time control, where players have a specific amount of time to make their moves.
  • Chess moves can be recorded using algebraic notation.
  • Chess has a vast body of opening theory, with well-studied sequences of moves.
  • Chess is known for its tactical elements, such as pins, forks, and skewers.
  • Chess also involves strategic elements, such as pawn structure, piece coordination, and control of the center.
  • The final stage of the game, where fewer pieces are left on the board, and precise calculation and technique are crucial.
  • When a player’s king is under threat of capture, it is said to be in check.
  • If a player’s king is not in check, but there are no legal moves available, it is a stalemate, resulting in a draw.
  • Chess has numerous variants, such as Blitz, Bullet, Fischer Random Chess, and Three-Check Chess, each with their own rules and gameplay.

Technical file information

Version: 3.64 (200)

File size: 26.4 MB

Minimum Android version: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)

Screen DPI: nodpi

Architecture: x86_64,x86,armeabi-v7a,arm64-v8a

MD5: 724f6314db08479e34994af56f98ec88

SHA1: 99e394d5b9b2a1ec0257ded46f3cc3751fed7dc3

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