4shared MOD APK Latest Version For Free Download 2024

4shared MOD APK

4shared  Mod Apk provides all the features of a standard file management app and works as a file hosting and sharing platform. You can upload photos and files directly to 4Shared via your Android phone. Once uploaded you can share these folders with other people by granting folder access to them. After downloading 4shared you will no longer require a file manager on your phone. This app will work as your file manager and if you want to backup or store a certain folder online it will do that too. After downloading 4shared you will no longer require a file manager on your phone. Just navigate to that folder using the search bar and click upload. Just like you do when using Google Drive.

4shared MOD APK Latest Version For Free Download 2024



  • File Sharing: 4shared mod apk allows you to easily upload, download, and share files with others. You can share files with specific people or make them public for anyone to access.
  • Storage: The service offers free storage space for your files, with additional storage available for purchase.
  • Mobile Access: 4shared has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so you can access your files and share them on the go.
  • Security: You can control who can access your files by setting privacy permissions. Some plans also offer additional security features like encryption.
  • Management Tools: 4shared provides tools to help you manage your files, such as creating folders, searching for files, and previewing documents.
  • Integration with Other Services: 4shared integrates with some other services, such as social media platforms, so you can easily share files with your contacts.
  • File Type Support: 4shared supports a wide variety of file types, including documents, photos, videos, music, and more.
  • Web Interface: In addition to the mobile apps, 4shared also offers a web interface that you can use to access your files from any computer.
  • Freemium Model: 4shared is a freemium service, meaning it offers a free plan with limited storage and features, and paid plans with more storage and features.
  • Bandwidth Limits: The free plan has bandwidth limits on how much data you can upload and download each day.
  • Security Concerns: While 4shared offers security features, there have been some concerns raised about the security of the platform in the past. It’s important to be aware of these concerns and take steps to protect your files.

Use 4shared for sharing your Phone folders

4Share mod apk by clicking on the download button above. You will then need to log in with your Gmail or Facebook account. You can also Sign UP to use this app if you don’t want to share your social account. The app will need you to grant access to the storage and contacts. 4shared comes with a built-in chat service which is why it needs to search for your contacts that are already on 4shared. A lot of Android themes and modders post files to 4shared so this app will be a quick and easy way to download those files directly to your phone.4shared Mobile for Android gives direct access to a user’s 4shared web account. With the Mobile app users can create, rename, group, and delete folders, and download files from their web account directly through their phones.

4shared MOD APK Latest Version For Free Download 2024

Pros & Cons Of 4shared Mod Apk


  1. Free Storage: 4shared mod apk offers a generous amount of free storage space (15GB currently) compared to some competitors. This allows you to store a significant amount of files without having to pay.

  2. Large File Sharing: 4shared stands out for its ability to handle large file transfers. You can upload and share files as large as 100GB, which is useful for things like high-resolution videos or large software programs.

  3. Cross-Platform Accessibility: 4shared offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, along with a web interface. This means you can access and manage your files from any device with an internet connection, giving you flexibility.

  4. Direct Download Links and Download Manager Support: 4shared allows you to generate direct download links for your files, making it easy to share them with others. Additionally, it supports download managers, which can improve download speeds and reliability.

  5. File Previews and Editing: 4shared lets you preview many common file types like images, audio, and videos directly in the web interface. It even offers basic editing capabilities for text files without needing to download them first.

  6. Collaboration Features (Limited): While not as robust as some dedicated collaboration tools, 4shared allows for some basic collaboration features. You can share files with edit permissions, enabling others to make changes to documents.

  7. Ease of Use: 4shared generally has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. Uploading, downloading, and managing files can be done without a lot of technical knowledge.


  1. Security Concerns: There have been concerns raised about the security of 4shared in the past. While they offer basic security features, some users might find them lacking compared to competitors. If you’re storing sensitive information, you might want to consider a platform with stronger encryption options.

  2. Freemium Model Limitations: While the free plan offers a decent amount of storage (15GB), it comes with limitations. You’ll encounter restrictions on daily traffic (download speeds) and won’t have access to premium features like password protection for files or remote wipes in case your device is lost.

  3. Privacy Issues: 4shared mod apk has faced some criticism regarding user privacy practices in the past. It’s important to carefully review their privacy policy to understand how your data is collected and used.

  4. Limited Collaboration Features: While 4shared allows some basic file sharing with editing permissions, it doesn’t offer the robust collaboration features found in dedicated document-sharing platforms. If real-time co-editing and document version control are crucial for your needs, 4shared might not be the best choice.

  5. Bandwidth Limits: Free users have daily download traffic limits. If you frequently download large files, you might exhaust your daily limit quickly and experience slow download speeds.

  6. Potential for Discontinued Free Features: Freemium services can sometimes change their offerings over time. There’s a possibility that features currently available in the free plan could be removed or restricted in the future.

  7. Reliance on Ads: The free plan might display advertisements within the user interface. This can be visually distracting for some users.

Technical File Information

  • Packing Name:  com. forshared. files
  • Version: 4.75.0 (30016319)
  • File Size: 24.3 MB
  • Updated:  April 12, 2024
  • Minimum Android version: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
  • Screen DPI: nodpi
  • Architecture: x86_64,x86,armeabi,armeabi-v7a,arm64-v8a

How to Install and Download 4shared

  1. Download the App: Search for “4shared” in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone/iPad).
  2. Install the App: Follow the instructions on your device to install the app.
  3. Login or Create Account: You can log in to your existing account or create a new one within the app.

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